Unexpected Miraculous Wonders

It’s being quite a while I posted on this platform, I love all my followers a lot cause it’s difficult to stay glued to inconsistency.

I have always been inconsistent, attached to one thing or the other especially when handling my blog and academics together, it takes intelligence to balance the equation.

To me blogging is life, no wonder they tagged me with the Name “bloggist” because I believe in making sense.

blogging is not all about how good your write up or grammars are but how sensible it is to change lives.

Therefore I will be hoping to change a lot of perception with this unexpected Miraculous Wonders which is basically

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#Women’sDiary Epp 9: 4 Signs He’s Not In Love You

We just gave you guys 10 signs to know if your lady is really in love with you now we will be discussing few signs to know that your guy doesn’t love you.

There are few reasons why some guys keep hovering around a lady without intending to marry them. if he gets financial favor from you. He would simply keep leading you on so as to keep getting the financial favor but has no intention of marrying you.

So to the ladies I’ve brought you a few signs to know that he doesn’t not love you and he would not marry you. Continue reading “#Women’sDiary Epp 9: 4 Signs He’s Not In Love You”

 10 signs to know she is really in love with you.


Today i will be talking about 10 signs to show that a lady is actually and really in love with you.

You see relationship can either be good or bad depending on how both parties treat themselves, sometimes  love begins to fall out and characters and reactions begin to change because love is based on actions to prove its existence

Therefore, if your partner is a lady with marriage in view and you can’t observe these signs, you may need

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You Have To Be Criticized

What is this life turning into,
I can’t take it anymore
Words that come out of the mouth
When things don’t go the way you expect. When you can’t believe such friends can sly and paint your name badly behind you.

Woke up wearing one of my best outfits, anything you have should always be one of the best.
I took off to the place, waited for almost 4 hrs, finally I entered, i got sent out, oh no! wasted efforts,

That doesn’t mean it’s the end but what

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Why People Fail To Plan

I have always wondered why people meant to be successful never succeed, I sat and thought but I couldn’t get enough reasons so I began to make research and I saw that there a lot of things that make people fail to plan. Hence, they never succeed.
 While researching, I found out that people fail to plan because they have their minds filled with wrong notions, this wrong notions make them wish for unrealistic things that they won’t even work for. Continue reading “Why People Fail To Plan”